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Welcome to Multi Purpose Merinos 'MPM'

The leading edge in Merino sheep breeding technology in Australia

MPM sheep have been bred from a well focused and disciplined breeding objective. We use a combination of objective measurement ie. Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) together with Sheep Genomics, and subjective measurement on structure and wool traits. We have a genetic package that is high in production, predictable in its gene base which delivers wool, meat and fertility on an easy care sheep.

Benefits of MPM genetics

What you will see

  • Paddock run rams – run as large contemporary groups under commercial conditions.
  • All rams with ASBV’s – on the traits we see as important for commercial productivity.
  • Lifetime Ewe Management (LTEM) practices in place – we understand that nutritional requirement and genetics go hand in hand.
  • Science being used as a production tool – we are early adopters of new technology ie. AI, ET, Electronic Tag’s, ASBV’s and Sheep Genomic.

What you won’t see

  • Shed prepared rams – rams fed high protein diets and confined in sheds or igloo’s, pampered and not in working condition.
  • Show ribbons – subjective measurement plays a significant role in our selection criteria, but the most important production traits need to be measured, assessed and delivered back to us as ASBV’s.

Download the PDFOur Breeding Objective

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To enable our clients to make more money from wool, meat and surplus sheep.

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